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People say that the prairie dog towns on the Ingomar Ranch are like no other. They are vast in both size and numbers. We have 30 to 50 dog towns on the property that we only allow one group at a time to hunt on. We also try to only hunt a specific town every 2 weeks. This helps assure that everyone has a great shooting experience. Hunters are encouraged to bring all the shooting equiptment they wish, however Self-Guided Hunts does have shooting benches available on request. All hunters are checked on daily to see that all is going well. If a group of 4-6 people are here we will try to put you on a couple different towns as it is better shooting if we keep to 2-3 people on a town at one time. This also helps us do a better job of seeing that you have a good shooting experience. With these practices, we are able to run our season from the 1st of May through the last of October and maintain the same quality of hunt the entire time. We feel that you will have a excellent experience when you choose to come here to hunt.